An Introduction to Electric Vehicles

Electric cars are the future of driving and there has never been a more exciting time to join the EV revolution! With an ever increasing number of charging points available, as well as new and exciting vehicles on the market, drivers now have greater choices and flexibility when it comes to choosing an EV.

The EV market can seem like a minefield, with lots of questions about the best options and practicalities of owning an EV. If you are considering making the switch to an EV take a look at our post on the top 10 electric vehicles on the market.

Below, we’ve put together some key information with the help of the great Energy Saving Trust website. If you would like to find out more, check out our Electric Vehicles: Useful links and resources page.

Why go electric?

Lower Costs
EVs offer an excellent investment for drivers looking for a cheaper, more efficient and reliable way to get around. Like traditional petrol and diesel vehicles, the cost of buying an electric car varies depending on make, model, features and type.
There is an EV to suit every type of budget and the Volt car selector tool is designed to help you find your perfect car quickly and easily.

Cheaper to Maintain
While the price of an EV may be similar to most comparable petrol or diesel cars, the cost of running once is significantly cheaper.
Fully electric cars are designed to be as efficient as possible and there are generally three main components powering the vehicle; the on-board charger, inverter and motor. This means there is far less wear and tear on the car and little stress on the motor, with fewer moving parts susceptible to damage. This means you’ll rarely have to have your EV services and running and repair costs are minimal.

Better for the Environment
Fully electric cars have zero tailpipe emissions making them greener, cleaner and better for the environment than any petrol or diesel car currently on the road. When driven in electric mode, plug-in hybrids emit zero tailpipe emissions.
In order to drive in the most environmentally friendly way possible, make sure to keep your plug-in hybrid charged up so that you can carry out the majority of driving in electric mode.

A More Enjoyable Driving Experience
One of the first things drivers notice when switching to an electric car is the quietness of the vehicle, which creates a far more comfortable, relaxing driving experience.
All electric cars have instant torque , which means you’ll always have power right at your fingertips. As soon as you hit the accelerator you’ll get an instant response and surge of speed from the car, making these vehicles ideal for city driving.
Batteries in EVs are often found in the floor of the car, which provides excellent balance and weight distribution. This means  handling around corners and curves is effortless and reliable. Zip through traffic and glide across town in a comfortable, clean and quiet car.