Getting Around The Local Area By Bike

Depending on how confident and fit a cyclist you are, there are a range of destinations that can be accessed by bike from Springfields.

Both Market Deeping and Deeping St James are easily accessible by bike. There you’ll find a range of great local amenities on your local high street, as well as supermarkets and convenience stores, a GP and a post office less than 5 minutes away by bike. There are 5 schools in the area, all less than a 10-minute cycle away, so the school run is doable by bike too.

For those looking to cycle a little further afield, a journey by bike into Peterborough will take around an hour, whilst a journey into Stamford will take around 40-minutes.

For more information on cycling locally visit our useful cycling guides and resources page.

Planning a Journey by Bike

If you are unfamiliar with the local area and looking to plan a route by bike, an online route planner can be a really useful tool to use. You can enter your journey start point and end point and the route planner will display a number of route options on a handy map. Alongside easy to follow directions it will tell you how far the journey is, how long it will take, and even how hilly it is.

Cycle Streets is a handy website that allows you to plan your journey. Simply enter your start and end points and away you go!

Why cycle?

Cycling is rapidly growing in popularity, and through the CV19 pandemic has for many people become an essential travel option. Cycling has always, however, been a great way to travel around for those able to do so. It offers many personal benefits, such as improved health and cost savings. It also offers significant benefit to the environment and local community, helping to take cars off the road, reducing pollution and reducing congestion.

Cycling can also be a great commuter travel option. If you’re new to cycling or aren’t really sure where to starting with your cycle-commute then check out some of our handy guidance on buying a commuter bike, commuting by bike whatever the weather and the benefits of choosing to travel actively.