Finding A Car Share Companion

Do you often drive alone in your car, maybe to work on a daily basis? If you share the ride with just one other person you could halve the costs of your petrol and parking.

As well as cutting costs, you’ll also be helping the environment and easing congestion, plus the journey time will fly by now that you’ve got someone to talk to.

How can I get started?

There are now a number of online ‘car share schemes’ available which help put you in touch with others looking to share a journey by car.

Liftshare is a nationwide carshare scheme that allows you to see if there is anyone you can share your journey with. Simply enter your journey details; when and where you usually travel, and the online system will do the rest. It’s then up to you whether you make contact via the website or not.

How much could you save?

Use the saving calculator to see how much you could save each year, simply by sharing a regular journey with someone else.